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Fat Transfer in Atlanta, GA

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Fat Transfer in Atlanta with Michael N. Mirzabeigi, MD

“If I could just move my fat.…”

You've said it to your friends; "if I could just take fat from my legs/thigh/stomach/etc. and put it in my lips/breasts/butt/etc..." You've dreamed of simply relocating the fat you already have, but most don't realize that it is possible to do just that with a Fat Transfer at Mirzabeigi Atlanta Plastic Surgery.
Dr. Mirzabeigi relocates fat from one area of your body to another to help contour, shape, and revitalize your look. We strive to deliver the best fat transfer Atlanta has to offer. Schedule a consultation today to see how a fat transfer can reshape your life.

What is a Fat Transfer?

A Natural Boost

A Fat Transfer, otherwise known as fat grafting or injection, is an excellent approach to adding volume to various regions without artificial fillers. Gentle liposuction is used in a Fat Transfer to remove fat from body parts with excess fat, such as the outer thighs, inner thighs, hips, lower back, and lower abdomen.

The donor site is the location from which the fat is extracted. After being harvested, the fat from the donor site is transferred to parts of the body that might benefit visually from increased volume. Most of the time, this refers to the face. Fat injections are a terrific approach to reverse the symptoms of aging on the face without using dermal fillers.

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What are the benefits of a Fat Transfer?

Longest-lasting injectables

Rather than employing gels, with a Fat Transfer your own fat is moved from one place in your body to another. While it does take roughly six months to see the full results, once the new fat has settled, the results are the longest-lasting injectable you can find. You also get the added benefits of body sculpting in the donor area as the harvested fat is removed.

Am I a good candidate for a Fat Transfer?

A younger-looking you

If you desire to rejuvenate or expand the size of areas like the breasts, buttocks, hands, and face you should consider a Fat Transfer treatment. A Fat Transfer may be beneficial if you have lost facial volume or developed creases in your face that you want to address.

A Fat Transfer surgery may be an excellent alternative for you if you're going to add volume to a portion of your body and want a more permanent solution than dermal fillers can provide. Perhaps you'd like your buttocks to be a little rounder, or maybe you've observed that your hands are bonier than they should be. A Fat Transfer surgery in Atlanta with Dr. Mirzabeigi can help in any of these circumstances.

Your Fat Transfer Procedure

Refined and Repurposed

Each Fat Transfer is unique because everyone has different areas they want to improve, and you may want to do multiple injection sites.

Your fat is extracted through liposuction and then purified. Once it has been refined, it is injected and manipulated into position for the areas you'd like to see improvement. Your specific procedure will be discussed in careful detail during your fat transfer consultation with Dr. Mirzabeigi.

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Fat Transfer Recovery

Rejuvenate your look

The only incisions made during a Fat Transfer are those generated by the liposuction surgery that was used to harvest the fat. Following that, the Fat Transfer procedure is less invasive.

As a result, people frequently only have a brief recuperation period before returning to their normal activities. Some of our Atlanta Fat Transfer patients take roughly a week off to relax and heal after surgery. Bruising, swelling, and soreness are common side effects, but any pain may be managed with medicine and should go away in a few days.

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Fat Transfer Results

The Ultimate Benefits

As the swelling subsides and the grafted fat settles into the treated areas, the results manifest gradually over several months. Finally, after around six months, our Atlanta Fat Transfer patients can expect to see the ultimate benefits of the operation.

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Contour your body and face

Make your fat work for you. With a Fat Transfer Atlanta patients can enjoy the contouring, youthful effects this procedure has to offer. Schedule your consultation with Michael N. Mirzabeigi, MD, today to see the change.

Fat Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a fat transfer & fillers?

Fillers are less intrusive and have a shorter recovery period than fat transfers. Many people, however, consider fat grafts to be a more natural alternative because they involve putting your own organic material back into your body rather than manufactured material. In addition, there are fewer dangers and adverse effects because of the realistic nature of this treatment.

Do I need to have someone drive me home because of anesthesia?

You will not be able to drive within 24 hours of receiving general anesthesia, so you will need to arrange transportation to and from our office.

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