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Botox in Atlanta, GA

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Botox in Atlanta with Michael N. Mirzabeigi, MD

Relax your worries lines away

Once you notice the years on your face, Botox will undoubtedly cross your mind. Botox is the most popular aesthetic treatment to restore your youthfully smooth skin. With board-certified Michael N. Mirzabeigi, MD, in Atlanta Botox is the leading procedure to keep you looking your best.

What is Botox?

Safe and effective for all skin types

Botox is an FDA-approved injection that uses Botulinum Toxin A to temporarily smooth existing wrinkles and creases. Botox is safe and effective for all skin types and ages. It works by temporarily paralyzing the overactive muscles under your skin without damaging any other nerves or muscles of your body.

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What are the Benefits of Botox?

Refresh and Rejuvenate without surgery

Botox is a simple procedure that lifts and smoothes wrinkles. It works by preventing nerve signals from reaching the muscles beneath your skin. Botox can also relax hyperactive muscles that produce wrinkles when they contract or stiffen in certain parts of your face.

This helps diminish crow's feet around the eyes and frown lines between the brows. Botox also helps with a myriad of other issues, such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), and chronic migraines, among others. Dr. Mirzabeigi strives to offer the best Botox Atlanta has to offer. Schedule a consultation to find out how Botox can help you look younger and feel better.

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox?

Restore youthfully smooth skin

If you have wrinkles and creases of the face that become more visible with specific facial expressions, you are a suitable candidate for Botox. For example, many patients have wrinkles and horizontal skin folds on the forehead.

Remember that Botox is not a chemical treatment, nor does it bring moisture into the skin to fill it up. Instead, it is an effective skin smoothing therapy where muscular contractions cause the surface to relax and fold. During your visit, Dr. Mirzabeigi will analyze your skin and medical history to determine whether Botox or another therapy would best address your symptoms.

Your Botox Procedure

Easy and Effective

Botox is a relatively rapid procedure and does not necessitate any downtime following treatment. It's typically sufficient to treat minor concerns like crow's feet around your eyes or vertical lines on your forehead.

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Botox Recovery

Without missing a beat

Botox injections require no recuperation time. Therefore, our Atlanta Botox patients can resume their routine activities right away.

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Botox Results

From millennials to boomers

Botox effects typically last three to four months. However, as with other injectables, individual results may vary. Always consult with Dr. Mirzabeigi about how long Botox will last for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Botox hurt?

The process is not considered painful. Most patients describe a brief period of discomfort during the injection, which disappears after the procedure is over.

When should I start getting Botox?

Some patients may be concerned about whether they are 'too young' or 'too old' to use Botox. There is no correct or incorrect age to begin Botox treatment. Many start using Botox in their twenties, either when they first see creases and wrinkles or as a prophylactic measure.

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