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Brow Lift in Atlanta, GA

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Brow Lift in Atlanta with Michael N. Mirzabeigi, MD

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Is your face giving off the wrong message? Is it telling people that you're angry? Are people asking if you're tired? As we age, our forehead and eyebrows begin to sag and furrow—lines set in to make us look older.

As a result, people will, too often, ask if you are tired. Michael N. Mirzabeigi, MD, is an Atlanta-based board-certified plastic surgeon that provides Brow Lifts to raise your eyebrows and smooth out wrinkles. A Brow Lift will make you look younger and more alert, stopping those annoying questions and making us more confident and happy. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mirzabeigi and find out how a Brow Lift can enhance your appearance and bring a smile to your face.

What is a Brow Lift?

Look younger and more alert

A Brow Lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a surgical operation used to minimize indications of aging in the forehead area. It is intended to erase or reduce deep horizontal creases across your forehead, nose bridge, and frown lines between your brows. A Brow Lift, as the name implies, raises your brows, making your eyes appear more prominent.

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What are the Benefits of a Brow Lift?

Restore your natural arch

There is no need to ever avoid a mirror. With a Brow Lift, Dr. Mirzabeigi can soften wrinkles and elevate your brows by tightening the skin on your forehead. Along with these benefits, a Brow Lift might provide you with a few others.

For example, it can help restore the natural arch of your brows and minimize sagging upper eyelids. In addition, a Brow Lift will simultaneously reduce the look of crow's feet and remove extra skin from the face. The wrinkles between your brows can reveal a lot about your age. When you have this operation, you will be able to go back in time. The results can be pretty natural-looking, allowing you to fall back in love with your appearance.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

Relax those furrowed brows

Unwanted wrinkle lines on the forehead may occur as we age. Frown lines between the brows might give us the appearance of being angry or "too serious." Skin relaxation might lead our brows to sag, hooding our upper eyelids and giving us a sleepy appearance.

If these indicators of aging in the brow region worry you, a Brow Lift may be correct for you. You should be a nonsmoker and in good health to see the best results. It helps to discuss your expectations going into the procedure during your consultation with Dr. Mirzabeigi to ensure you are prepared for your results.

Your Brow Lift Procedure

Rejuvenate your face

There are two methods for executing a Brow Lift. The traditional lift necessitates a large incision across the top of the head, at the hairline, and down to the ears. A coronal incision, which is done behind the hairline, may be used for a woman with a high forehead.

Three to five tiny incisions across the brow, at the hairline, are required for the endoscopic lift. These shorter incisions result in a quicker recovery time and less scarring than a standard brow lift. The technique used for your Brow Lift is determined by the skin's thickness, texture, and elasticity, your facial bone structure, the overall appearance of the brows and eyelids, and the position of your brows.

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Brow Lift Recovery

See the years fade

Most of our Atlanta Brow Lift patients return home the same day as the operation, though some patients may require an overnight stay.

Swelling may be noticeable for the first day or two following surgery, but usually, swelling resolves within two weeks. Bending and heavy lifting should be avoided for a few days to prevent postoperative bleeding. It can take up to six months for the swelling to disappear.

Atlanta brow lift Model with blonde hair

Brow Lift Results

Open your eyes to possibilities

Depending on the patient's presurgical appearance and goals, the immediate outcomes of a Brow Lift can be either subtle or striking. For example, eyes will appear more "open," and creases across the brow, bridge of the nose, and between the eyes will be considerably less visible.

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Be seen

Trade in that tired, angry look for an alert, happy, and more youthful appearance. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Michael N. Mirzabeigi, MD, strives to deliver the best Brow Lift Atlanta has to offer. Schedule your consultation today to see how a Brow Lift can change the way people see you.

Brow Lift

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

You will experience slight discomfort throughout your Brow Lift recovery, which can be managed with medication as with any operation. Itching is the most common complaint. In addition, you may notice some swelling. Bruising is uncommon, and when it does occur, it is usually minimal.

Should I get a Brow Lift or an eyelid lift?

There are several factors to consider while making this decision. A decision that makes sense for one person may not be appropriate for you. Finally, surgery must be customized for each patient. A comprehensive consultation with Dr. Mirzabeigi is the best approach to deciding on the most delicate facial rejuvenation techniques for your unique condition, including your anatomy, personal goals, and aesthetic preferences.

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