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Facelift in Atlanta, GA

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Facelift in Atlanta with Michael N. Mirzabeigi, MD

Face it! We all want to look younger.

Both men and women in Atlanta love feeling and looking youthful. A Facelift is frequently performed to decrease jowls, remove wrinkles, and improve neck definition. Women often have Facelifts to have a more delicate, softer, and youthful appearance.

The male Facelift frequently aims to create a chiseled, defined jawline and, most importantly, to remove loose skin folds from the neck. Board-certified Michael N. Mirzabeigi strives to deliver the best Facelift Atlanta has to offer and knows what it takes to make a more masculine or feminine look with a Facelift. However, no two people are alike; in your consultation, you will discuss your desired goals with Dr. Mirzabeigi, and the Facelift process will be tailored to your specifications.

What is a Facelift?

Lift, tighten, and contour

The Facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a traditional surgical anti-aging operation that can offer remarkable, long-term facial rejuvenation.

The basic idea behind a Facelift is straightforward: lifting and tightening the facial tissues for a more refreshed, revitalized, and youthful appearance. In addition, a Facelift can be performed to treat various aging symptoms, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, changes in facial contour, and facial volume loss. On the other hand, a Facelift is far more intricate and versatile than most people assume. The technique can be totally modified to meet the needs of each patient and solve unique concerns. The Facelift is a series of facial operations that work together to get the desired effects.

Atlanta facelift Model with blonde hair

What are the Benefits of a Facelift?

A decade of confidence

The most apparent benefit of a Facelift is smoothing those troublesome wrinkles and lines, giving back that glow of youth. A Facelift takes your already attractive face and makes it prettier by turning the hands of time back roughly ten years to a younger, more beautiful you. By turning your timeline back, you will still continue to age, but from a younger starting point.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

Tailored to your aesthetic

Your initial consultation with Michael N. Mirzabeigi, MD in Atlanta, will determine whether you're a good fit for a Facelift. Dr. Mirzabeigi will examine your medical history and ask about your lifestyle and aesthetic goals to ensure your Facelift is perfectly tailored to you. Your face and soft neck tissues should sag with deep wrinkles, a double chin, and jowls to be an excellent candidate. To ensure the best results, you should be in good health, be a nonsmoker, and follow Dr. Mirzabeigi's recovery instructions.

Your Facelift Procedure

Exude self-confidence

Your intended outcomes determine the precise type of Facelift surgery. For example, Dr. Mirzabeigi would typically make incisions along your hairline, proceed down to hug your ears, and then return along your scalp. This results in minimal visible scarring.

The doctor trims away excess skin, tightens the muscles and other tissues beneath to sculpt your facial features, and eliminates or redistributes fat deposits during the surgery. Finally, he closes the incisions after everything is in its proper place. Depending on your goals, you may wish to combine a Facelift with a brow lift and a neck lift to finish the rejuvenating process. Dissolvable stitches or surgical glue can be used to close the incisions. If the stitches are traditional, you must return to the office to have them removed. However, you have no reason to be self-conscious because the scarring is hidden in the hairline or behind the ears.

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Facelift Recovery

A Healing Aesthetic

It is usual to experience pain or discomfort and swelling and bruising. Dr. Mirzabeigi will provide you with a detailed recovery plan, including medications and follow-up appointments as needed.

After surgery, our Atlanta Facelift patients should allow two weeks before returning to their normal level of everyday activities. Wait around four weeks before engaging in more rigorous activity, such as exercise. Because everyone is different, ask your doctor when you may anticipate resuming your normal activities. You'll notice a difference in your appearance as the swelling subsides. It usually takes several months for your skin to "feel normal".

Atlanta facelift Model with blonde hair

Facelift Results

Look Rested

While most of our Atlanta Facelift patients may return to work in ten to fourteen days, it will take two to three months for the face to feel "normal" in terms of texture, responsiveness, and sensation.

Maintaining everyday sun protection and leading a healthy lifestyle will help you get the most out of your Facelift. As the swelling and bruises recede, the visual benefits of a Facelift become apparent. The end result of a Facelift should not only give you a more youthful and rested appearance, but it should also make you feel more confident in yourself.

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Change the way you see yourself

A Facelift in Atlanta with Dr. Mirzabeigi will change the way you see yourself. Michael N. Mirzabeigi, MD is a detailed and efficient board-certified plastic surgeon whose goal is to give you excellent results and a lifetime of beauty and confidence. Schedule a Facelift consultation today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Facelift Hurt?

After the surgery, you may feel some temporary soreness, especially around the incisions, but the soreness typically subsides within the first one to two weeks of the recovery.

What are the risks with a Facelift?

There are dangers associated with this procedure, just as there are with every surgery. To lessen the possibility of problems, smokers must refrain from smoking for at least two months before and after the procedure. Temporary hair loss, nerve damage, and delayed wound healing are among potential dangers. During your meeting, Dr. Mirzabeigi will thoroughly explain the risks and implications to you.

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